on 05.03.2019

I have absolutely no issues with using medical marijuana. For me, 2017 was the year that never was. Early in the year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my world collapsed. Never, not one single day, have I been angry at God because God doesn’t cause cancer. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. There’s nothing good and perfect about cancer. Even hospital chaplains had a hard time understanding my strong faith and the perfect peace I had. I underwent grueling chemo for months. Then a double mastectomy (my choice for a double). After that, I had 31 non-stop days of lymphatic drainage and I think that was the worst part of the whole ordeal. Not painful, just THERE! My husband was an absolute rock who changed my bandages several times per day. We are coming up on our 48th anniversary later this summer. After the drainage stopped, I had an entire month of radiation treatments, M-F between Thanksgiving and New Year’s eve. The end result, besides now being cancer free, was that the chemo gave me neuropathy in both of my feet, and to a lesser extent, my hands. Along with foot neuropathy I have accompanying balance issues because I have a problem “feeling” my feet on the floor. On a trip to Maine to visit family last October, I had a particularly bad day and my older son had me try some edible marijuana – it’s legal in Maine. The result was nothing less than phenomenal. I felt like someone had given my life back to me. The effect lasted for over 24 hours. A small amount of edible came home with me. In January of this year, when medical marijuana became legal in my state, my oncology radiologist enabled me to get my medical marijuana card. I can now get the medicine I need to help when symptoms get bad. I’m also using a natural supplement now and the neuropathy symptoms are gradually improving. Plants were here a long time before doctors and I will take natural over chemical any day. Yes, prayer has always been first and foremost in my healing. But I believe that God, in His wisdom and mercy, has put many things on this earth for us to be wise and utilize. I’m sure there are cures out there that haven’t been discovered yet. But when they come along, I won’t hesitate to make use of them.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?