on 03.04.2020

I am a believer in Jesus Christ (probably not neccessary to say here)

He has revolutionized my life. He is my King.

I am diagnosed with ptsd, mood disorder and insomnia. It has been a 3 decades long war. I have struggled with taking psychiatric medicine for over a decade, even though it is possible it has saved my life.

I have felt inadequate as a Christian (even condemned, we know where that comes from) taking pharmaceutical drugs. I have felt it is not safe to let most Christian's in to my mental health battle, even the most sweet hearted believers.

It would seem that those who haven't struggled with this, have no clue. Shoveling bible verses at someone as evidence they are not in alignment with God's will is dangerous (to say the least) to those suffering mental illness.

I have started taking cbd on a daily basis, and some thc on a 3 occasions. I have nearly stopped taking anti anxiety meds entirely. Like 1/20th of the prescribed dose over 2 months and 1/2 of the insomnia medication.

What is not positive about that? A natural alternative to the nightmare of mam made laboratory drugs?

I am struggling with a fear that if I am transparent about this, my Christian brethren will reject me. Fear of Man? Perhaps... but We were created for community.

More importantly I worry about backsliding. About trusting a substance over the saviour. I have struggled since adolescence with addiction, and self medicating.

This is all very difficult for me, scary and lonely. But this is really not new, considering I felt this way about psychotropic medicine.

I am staying the course for now. I believe the Lord has led me to this, and I may be wrong.

Time will tell. I am sure I am not alone when I say I am concerned and yet hopeful that this is for Christians.

And, just a reminder...the world is watching to see how we behave, what we say and do, and if we let go of the anchor of our souls and capitulate our values.

Thank you for your bravery and transparency on this groundswell topic Craig. Be careful. Slow to speak and quick to listen.

Praise Jesus.


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