on 03.23.2020

Cannabis use in my opinion, is something that should be regarded as a personal decision between oneself and the Lord. Also that cannabis use should be done only when it is under a legal jurisdiction to do so. It is not what goes into a man that defiles him but rather what comes out of his heart. If one’s heart is not in the right place, then we will reach for things in a wrong motive. You cannot pull an infinite reality out of a finite substance. No substance can replace the peace of the Holy Spirit.

For myself, I believe that in moderation it is a safe substance and is appropriate for use in social situations as long as it serves the individual and those around them. We should not use any substance to escape reality. I’m very disheartened, yet not surprised to see so many Christian leaders condemn all cannabis use and make statements about cannabis saying that there is no such thing as moderation with it. Some Christian leaders also make statements on the effects of cannabis when often times they have never used it themselves or they have abused it and have not had any experience with using it responsibly. Cannabis is a drug. As with all drugs we must understand the appropriate dosage for each individual. How can Christian leaders be ok with a doctor prescribed drug such as an opioid or anti depressant and be against a safer alternative like cannabis? It is only through ignorance at best and is quite hypocritical.

As a medical professional I believe that it has many benefits and uses that we do not yet fully understand. Having personally lost coworkers in the field to opioid addiction I wish that it had already been something available and appropriately regulated to the public. As a Christian I believe that anything we choose to put into our bodies must done with a heart yielded to God. If He says put it down then one should immediately release it. As Christians, it is our role to redeem things. We need to remeber that we are talking about a plant that God made and he called it good. If He called it good, then we need discover why instead of remaining in fear because people have abused it.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?