on 04.30.2019

My heart hurts reading through some of these comments. It’s hard. Hard because it makes me wonder how these people live as “believers”… the irony that they are questioning Craig’s (or really anyone who uses Cannabis) salvation or Christianity. Perspective is everything. If you immediately think of “getting high” when you hear the word “Cannabis” or “Marijuana” thats the problem right there. Limited mindsets with unlimited opinions. But seriously, what is more troublesome is the hatred that comes from supposed Christians. Of course they hide behind the Scriptures that they’ve taken out of context or worse that they use as weapons. I watched this same “burning in hell” scare-tactic preaching when Craig Gross first began a ministry to the sex-industry and those who are addicted to it over 15 years ago. “Church folks” who sling scripture like it’s they own the block on interpretation and all they spew is foolishness. I’m sorry but I don’t want your christianity. You’ll not see that though because you submit to the convoluted thoughts in your head and you’re so hardened to your pharisaical processes that you’ll convince yourself yours is the way.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?