on 05.02.2019

I have to admit, when I came across your new business venture on social media, I side-eyed it for a minute. But, as one should do with anything, I dug a little deeper. I searched the website and read about your story dealing with chronic pain. Everything began to make slightly more sense… but I still wasn’t “sold” on the idea.
Fast forward a few hours and I am sitting with and speaking to my mother. My mom has had multiple sclerosis for close to 20 years. The day after medical marijuana became legal in our state, her doctor made sure she was placed on it. In addition to her pain levels severely decreasing and her walking/balancing better, I saw her eyes tear up (partially because of laughter and partially because of being deeply-touched) when I told her about Christian Cannabis. Why? Because she has felt like she has to keep her medical Cannabis use a secret: being a Christian for over 50 years and an active member of a church. She rather uses Cannabis than be on opioids…. and I tend to agree.

She may not blast it from the rooftops or on social media, but I know that you will have at least one customer! My mom is excited to support a faith-based Cannabis business instead of a secular one.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?