on 05.02.2019

I am a 23 year old female who is passionate about Jesus and truth. I gave my life over to Jesus 2 years ago during an alter call. Prior to this moment, which I deem to be the day of my salvation, I was a daily user of marijuana in all forms. It was my source of comfort, control, freedom from negative emotions, and escape from reality. However, it was also my gateway to the realm of the demonic, and opened up doors of fascination as I explored the vast world of mysticism and self-actualization and enlightenment. It only led me into confusion, chaos, destruction, and deception. I think there is a reason the Word says to be sober minded and vigilant to escape the attacks of the enemy. The same drug that intrigued and excited and freed me left me feeling anxious, addicted, and emotionally dependent on a substance. Once I got sober, I started a long process of feeling real feelings again, it was a beautiful roller coaster of highs and lows that I could not control by getting high. But this was true freedom. Having used marijuana for a third of my life, I was incredibly (and still am) emotionally immature. To be constantly high is to put your life on pause, and it twists your priorities and warps your perception of reality. Yes it helped me see things in a new light, but there is only so much good you can do when you aren’t sober minded and vigilant – in this act of disobedience we are doubting God and inviting him to distance hinself from us. God wants to dwell and use vessels of righteousness. At the end of the day, you have to sit with your sober self and face what you left behind in getting high – including the Holy Spirit that is within you if you are a believer.
With all that being said, I still do think there is a place for medical marijuana in treating epilepsy, cerebral palsy and seizures, or other serious conditions. But to take the plant and abuse it for pleasure or to cure anxiety seems wrong. The bible says to cast all of your anxieties on Him, because he cares for you, not to cast them into a joint or a weed brownie. We need to be cautious as to not manipulate the Word and lead the young in faith astray. This is very serious. But I do understand there can be good in opening up a conversation, just be careful in what you say and the potential impact. Thank you.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?