on 05.03.2019

I am a veteran with a diagnosis for PTSD. I live in a state where medicinal marijuana is solely for those with a specific epileptic condition; marijuana is something that’s is unavailable to me, that I would prefer over any medication prescribed by psychiatrists to deal with symptoms associated with trauma. I am a fervent follower of Christ, and often joke about being a “Ninja Believer” because I am the “cussing, drinking, smoking kind of Christian.” This is how we relate to others who are unbelieving, by living authentically at the urging and guidance of the Holy Spirit. As I see it, cannabis is something that (likely) God has an opinion about. As is the case with EVERYTHING our hearts and minds possess and accomplish (within or without His will)! Because our finite minds categorize sin, many Christians balk at the idea of using marijuana because “it’s a sin!!” However, those same Christians fail to consider their hypocrisy in that argument. For example, gluttony and coveteousness are admonished in scripture, but obesity doesn’t seem to be the thing people holler about in the church. No one is confessing the visceral and pervasive reality I’ve desiring what is not yours in the pulpit. The list could go on. Things like divorce (rates equal those of non-believing folks in the US) and marijuana use are considered untouchables and taboo, and I am so thankful that you were courageous enough to tackle it. The opiate epidemic is touching many Christian households, but instead of running toward the war against overprescribing, Many Christians are running away from openly discussing Cannabis use. While I cannot currently reap the benefits of medicinal marijuana, my hope is that one day I too will be able to share positive experiences with it here as well.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?