on 05.15.2019

I was not raised in church, but I have been walking with Christ since I was 13

In church and in my family I was always taught that marijuana was a drug, period. I have had conversations with many christians who are former potheads, former drug dealers, and fromer or current cops. I was always told that marijuana was just as bad as other drugs like cocaine, heroine, and meth. I was also told that it was impossible to smoke or consume weed without getting high.

For over a year I have used various hemp and cbd products including teas, vapes, prerolls, seeds, lotions, and shampoos. Last month I decided to try smoking weed and consuming edibles for the first time. Since then, I have consumed a THC edible once or twice a week. What I have found is that both THC and CBD have helped me to sleep much better, I have not developed an urge or addiction to either one, and that it IS in fact very possible to smoke and/or consume weed without getting high, requiring that cbd and thc are both present. I have also found that, contrary to what I was led to believe, it is possible to get a slight buzz similar to having 1-3 beers. I was always told that with weed you are either sober or high, no in between. I have found that if I eat a 10mg thc edible along with vaping small doses of cbd, I can achieve a slight buzz without being inebriated, similar to drinking moderate amounts of alcohol.

I completely understand why Christians, especially if uniformed or misinformed, would be against it or at least specifically against THC. However, I want to tell you that it has been very useful for me at battling insomnia and relaxing after a stressful day. It is also good for so many other, more serious purposes and can be used with or without the "high" depending on how much thc to cbd ratio you are taking into your body.

God created this plant, and I believe it does serve a purpose, please use it wisely and responsibly and like with all things "whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it to the glory of God"

What Do You Think About Cannabis?