on 04.25.2019

I think it’s simplistic to say God created cannabis so it’s good. (In itself) God also created poisonous plants and animals. They are not good for us.

To your point about it being an issue of motive? I totally agree. I also agree that there isn’t a blanket answer to this question.

My husband had cancer, drs recommended he try medicinal. We hoped it would give him the relief he needed, unfortunately, it didn’t. During the course of his treatment we were very open about what doctors were trying- but this option? We kept quiet.

Too much controversy and judgement, to deal with. However- the number of people who are Christians that privately suggested it due to their own experience? Remarkable.

And disappointing.

Because: few question a need for the occasional Xanax. But pot? Oh my word… that’s sin.

Biologically- thc Cbd. And everything else? is simply chemicals. I’m not sure how it’s different than taking an aspirin. Taking too much or for the wrong reason? Could be a problem. Taking as needed, for an appropriate issue? Not so much a problem.

That said: Craig has discussed addiction many times. Like alcohol, and food… and sex- I think cannabis use should be cautious. Addiction or dependency should be avoided.

Numbing out, checking out… not healthy use.

Relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammatory support, anxiety? Can be healthy use.

There. I joined the conversation. 😉

But dude…don’t turn into the christian who turned pot into a weird mega church, a brand, or christian mlm “opportunity.” I already can hear Jesus getting ready to turn over tables… just sayin.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?