on 05.19.2019

Lost a disc in AZ, had no insurance. Went to St Joseph’s (nice catholic hospital) , they dosed me up with drug, no xrays , no doctor, just good dose of an opioid. Then tossed to me to curb. ….and I mean I was literally throwing up on the curb. When my daughter dropped me off at my apt. I went to get out of the car, and landed on ground. I had lost all feeling in my leg due to the crushed disc. Went to doctor he stated that if I could get 5 grand together that would be pay for my disc operation. Meanwhile had to pay a grand for a MRI, only for the doctor to say ..oh 5 grand wont cover it, you will need 100 grand due to your disc disgrated. I was not only crushed physically but mentally as well. I could not work due to pain I was experiencing. So, I ended up on medicaid, first time in my life. Well, come to find out medicaid in AZ did not have a back doctor. So i was sent to a “pain specialist” . She was just a opioid pusher, I was put on maxium dose of morphine, the pills were 12 hour dispursed pills. She gave me as many as I wanted ..and even put me on extra low grams to add to my already crazy dose. Well, having a close freind made me realize that morphine was any different that heroin, I went off the morphine cold turkey. I was lucky because I was not mentally addicted to the drug, but I surely was physically addicted. It took three days of just looking at the walls to come off the drug completely. It was a horrible experience. That is when I started growing weed in my closet in AZ, it ended up giving me the relief that I was looking for, when it came to pain. …Weed had given me a better quality of life. I was zombie on morphine and it changed my personality to literally to bitch mode sometimes. Weed gives me a chance to breathe comfortablely.

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