on 07.13.2019

Thank you for your boldness and the sacrifices made to bring this into the topic into the light

I’m a spiritual leader who’s struggled with health issues that brought me to the door of desperation. I was raised in a Christian home by a Mama who didn’t believe in the medical industry. As such, when we got ill, she had a ready herb or tea to heal us. I’d successfully lived on natural remedies for forty years until I found myself slipping away without cause. I was exhausted and I’m pain constantly. After two years of pain, I finally went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. The havoc reaped on my body was diagnosed as fibroid tumors. They had nearly taken my life so I submitted myself to the doctors care reluctantly. They couldn’t tell me why they’d come and they couldn’t assure me that their treatment plan would work. They could however assure me that I’d spend the rest of my life on steroids, pain killers and hormone supplements. After a few days of contemplating, my family and I decided that we’d take the diagnosis to the Lord and ask for healing. I needed a miracle.

God did heal me miraculous but his process was nothing like I would have imagined. Shortly after we prayed, I was led to a YouTube video on hemp oil. I knew it was the answer. So I started taking two tablespoons a day. The tumors began to shrink but the ravaging pain remained. So I prayed about the pain because the prescription pills they’d given me scared me. I hadn’t been raised to trust in pharmaceuticals so I believed they’d do more harm than good. My friends called me crazy but despite their discouragement, I waited, in pain, on God to bring me an answer for the pain. In a few days, I ran into an elderly Christian friend who also happened to be the mayors wife. She’d been battling with cancer for years and it had taken a toll on her physically but this day she looked amazing! She was healed. I inquired about her recovery and she whispered to me that she had started taking cannabis. She explained how it had caused the cancer cells to commit suicide, restored her appetite and peace and also took away the pain. This was enough for me.

I began taking cannabis to manage the pain and continued with the hemp oil. In two months, I returned to the doctor for an exam and she was astonished to discover that I was tumor free. I told her about the hemp oil that I’d bought at my local grocery store but hide my cannabis use. My husband and I are founding pastors of our ministry, leaders in our community, the oldest child in our families and have two kids in college who we are trying to be a good example for...the guilt has been overwhelming.

I believe it’s a crime against humanity that cannabis is still illegal federally. It seems to be the only drug that heals our bodies, souls and spirits without destroying any of our good cells yet I’ve been afraid to share my testimony. I’ve told many who are outside of our ministry and many others who are struggling with cancer and mental issues but I’ve never promoted it publicly. I’ve been ashamed even though I’m still healed five years later.

So I thank you for this blog. My husband sent it to me to encourage me and prove to me that I’m not alone. God has lead many others to the healing power of cannabis. I pray that God continues to bless you, your family and this ministry of restoration.

Thank you!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?