on 07.24.2019

For the vast majority of people, marijuana does not improve mental clarity

It certainly does nothing to reduce anxiety.

The marijuana grown and consumed today is nothing like the marijuana grown and consumed in the ‘50s thru the mid to late ‘70s. It is far more potent today than it ever was “back in the day.”

On a Christian note, to infer Christ wants us to consume marijuana on a daily basis is a lie. We are to rely on Christ, God and The Holy Spirit. Not a drug.

For medicinal purposes, many drugs have their place, even marijuana. I understand this. But I’ve seen, met and listened to many users over the years to unequivocally vouch for and say that continuous use of marijuana leaves many many people feeling paranoid, anxious and lazy to mention just a few of the many side effects of continuous marijuana use by those who have no medical need or requirement for using marijuana.

Spend a day trying to work on complicated jobs and tasks with someone who has just smoked some of the newer, stronger strains of marijuana that is now on the market. It is maddeningly frustrating to witness an articulate, intelligent friend or colleague turn in to a complete idiot in a few short minutes.

Yes, there are many, what are referred to as “highly functioning” individuals out there whom you could never tell had just smoked marijuana. They are the minority, a very small minority. The rest, well, to watch someone else’s IQ drop considerably after consuming marijuana is quite sad really. On the other hand, my hat is off to those few who can consume marijuana with none of those consequences!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?