on 07.24.2019

I took a sabbatical from cannabis for +20 yrs and felt a sense of religious pride in doing so

The irony being when I quit 20 yrs ago I told a friend who inquired ‘why?’ that I would reconsider if it ever was legalized. Well fast forward and now I live in California. I didn’t move here because of legal pot. My wife and I moved here as we both were led to do so by God. For twenty years the devil would torment me in my dreams that I would relapse into smoking pot and ruin my relationship with God. Believe it, or not, reading the Bible while smoking pot was what got me back into the church as a teen. I used to serve in a youth group reeking of reefer with my Bob Marley t-shirt. Didn’t seem like an issue until I wanted to go to Bible College. I thought I had to choose between God and Weed. Anyhow, I chose God, graduated, and eventually became a health care giver. It always was strange to me how so many Christians would take prescription drugs, but marijuana wasn’t even an option. After moving to California, my wife and I both started researching legal weed and were impressed by professional approach some in the industry were taking. We both had maladies and we both hesitated to get on the prescription drug-train any earlier than necessary. We both have family members who have done everything doctors have told them to do and are little the better for it. We both prefer the most effective natural remedies available. Yes, we both found amazing relief from cannabis products. I’m not knocking doctors, or prescriptions. I’m not debating homeopathic vs conventional medicine. I thank God for all the above. I was surprised to return to a childlike faith and believe God made an incredible earth. An earth with beautiful people, creatures, and plants. Who knew?

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