on 08.20.2019

I have been walking with Christ for the past two decades. I used to use marijuana pretty heavily before that. Once I came back to Christ I continued for about a year and then stopped. I recently had been wanting to give it another try and so finally did. It was like riding a bike. It seemed that there were brain connections that had been fused back together. The clarity of thought, the absence of negativity, focused thinking were all familiar aspects that I remembered from the past.

I now can honestly say that my prior use was more of an addiction. If I wasn’t feeling high then I needed to get high. So now I’m questioning whether it’s truly something that is God honoring. There are other legal drugs like alcohol, coffee and cigarettes that Christians really don’t think too much about. Alcohol is a killer yet it’s generally accepted amongst Christians as a socially acceptable drink. But pot, because of the decades is negative social stigma, it’s been demonized.

From here I’m still seeking God’s direction on this and will be looking to be obedient to his will. The true test is where my heart is relative to what God is wanting.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?