on 08.23.2019

For years I have struggled with my own mental health. As an adolescent I had my bouts with anxiety but internalized everything amongst the stigma and downplayed legitimacy as many in older generations saw those who struggled this way as just disenfranchised youth. Later on as an adult depression often manifested as intense, shame, anger and guilt which became very toxic in my marriage and my relationship with my children. I initially began using cannabis when we first tried it as an alternative therapy for my wife’s debilitating sciatic nerve and back pain that plagued her for 5 years. What I experienced from using cannabis over time was a tremendous relief from my depression and anger. Overall it has softened my conflicts in my marriage and has helped me remain much more patient and present in my relationship with my kids. It has also done wonders for my wife’s constant battle with back pain. I wasn’t raised in avery conservative evangelical family necessarily but all my friends were and so the stigma has always been that cannabis was this monster that only criminals, drug addicts and gang members used. I have since researched and found new information that has supported a new outlook about how helpful and in fact cannabis use can be to society. In no way should cannabis have ever been identified as a schedule 1 drug and to be honest our nation has deep socioeconomic wounds because of. I am grateful this conversation is being had now. Better 60 years late than never.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?