on 10.09.2019

Well, I started smoking when I was 15. At times you could consider my use as very heavy. Almost got into trouble a few times with the Law but the Lord was watching out for me. Quit when I met my wife. Fast forward 25 years. I turn 50 and CBD oil becomes legal in my state. I had been having intense pain in my left hand from repeated motion injuries. I’m a guitarist and it was getting to the point where I just couldn’t play anymore. After two days of using CBD, the pain was gone. I am very devout but I’m told by my brethren that CBD and anything related to it is witchcraft. I disagreed. I did try a high THC vape pen (85%) and found out that getting very high was not a good feeling overall but there was something to the witchcraft when I would play music. I’d get carried away to a place with my music and I feel like someone or something dark and sinister is guiding my hands when I played the guitar. Back when I was younger I would just smoke whatever was made available to me. Most times I didn’t know what was what. Indica, Thai, Sinsemilla, it all just went over my head. Sometimes they would be good experiences, sometimes terrifying. Now that MJ is legal and there is more information about the different strains, terpenes and cbd/thc ratios, I think with a little research and experimentation, I could find something that I could use occasionally and it wouldn’t be a problem. But then again, my use seems to negate my faith in the Lord to provide all I need. It feels like idolatry and I am more inclined to just lean not unto my own understanding and just trust in the Lord. I just don’t know what the right answer is.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?