Brooke Gross - YEP!
on 04.17.2019

I am a seventy year old very active women who uses a THC and CBD oil to control my pain. I have a long history of arthritis and throughout my life I have been unable to use all pain relievers. I am either highly allergic to them or they affect my kidneys. At this point I can only use Tylenol which really does nothing. I was living in Glendale Ca when I needed a shoulder replacement. It was my second replacement I also have a hip replacement. Without drugs to help me recover it’s always very painful process. This last time I had made friends in my apartment with a young man who introduced me to both CBD and THC. I thought this is crazy but tried some chewy candy and I actually could sleep and was without pain. I then tried some Strawberry Lemonade with THC and just a small sip gave me relief from my pain and I listened to my friend and he gave me so much information that I wasn’t worried I would become an addict.

I grew up with that philosophy but now am much more educated on the use of Cannabis. Well I made it through my shoulder replacement and about a year later tore my Glutenous Medius and thought that I never had such pain. After a MRI and orthopedic surgeon I was told I needed surgery and after I would not be able to put weight on my right leg for about six weeks. That couldn’t work I lived by myself and wasn’t going to a rehab.

My son gave me some Releaf Balm and within three days I didn’t need my cane and stopped limping. The balm is 1 part CBD oil and three parts THC. It’s topical so there are no side effects or anything other than relief. I know you probably won’t believe it but my Physical Therapist released me a week after I started using it. My strength had returned my pain was gone and my flexibility was back to almost normal. I have since used the balm and the oil on every muscle pain as well as bruising . Yes I believe that Cannabis can and should become available to everyone. No you will not become an addict but you will be able get rid of pain , anxiety,, sleeplessness and lots more.

Three years ago, while I was living with my Son, Craig Gross, I was having trouble sleeping and he point the same mints that he talks about on my nightstand and I took one and for the first time in years was able to sleep through the night. He then told me it was marijuna and not to tell his sister but it would be okay. I did tell my daughter and when I moved out of his back house, i returned the mints vowing to never take them again. It took someone besides my son introducing me to this as I didnt listen to him which scares me about him venturing out and starting a project like this because I know how closed off people can be because just a year ago that was me. My hope with this project is that I hope religious people ( Christians) those who I have raised my kids to be rooted in and with will see that my sons mission is not to just shock people and raise eyebrows. He has been doing those things as long as I can remember but his heart is to help people through and through no matter what the project he steps out to do and this one is no different.

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