on 07.24.2019

I think this is a great topic to have open discussion about

God created cannabis for a reason. So we have to ask why? Cannabis was considered the forbidden fruit back in the mid 60's when I was young. I was told all kinds of bad things will happen if you dare take a bite of that apple. Today cannabis is life changing to many people including me. I no longer have anxiety ,stress or depression , I sleep well, I can now focus on positive things instead of the negative, all because of CBD oil. It also relieves my back pain, and joint pain. The best part is I didn't have to see a Dr, and take all the pills and deal with side effects, not to mention the bill that comes with it. I introduced CBD to a 74 yr old gentleman I know, that has an uncontrollable shake. He said he was willing to try anything! Come to find out he has been shaking his whole life and Dr can't fix, it meds they gave him didn't work. 30 minutes after taking CBD he stopped shaking, this man, and I were in total amazement. Another gentleman had shoulder issue were he couldn't lift his arms up in the the air without excruciating pain, 30 minutes later he was lifting them. The meds they gave him didn't work either. Think about this for a moment, Indians smoked out of peace pipe for a reason, it created peace, and more than likely was medicine for all types of ailments. Jamaicans call it medicine. Indeed it is. God's medicine is GREAT!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?