Carole Seymour
on 01.15.2020

I was straight as an arrow when I went to church on a regular basis

.raising my kids as Christians and then I had an accident...I was at worship practice and slipped and fell on a transparency that had been accidentally shoved directly onto our walking area...I took 1 step and my life was forever changed/altered if you will...the fall broke my pelvis but it took 2 years before a Dr finally figured out that it was fractured all the way through,,no, I could not walk except to drag my leg behind me and I honestly thought I was going to die from the pain. I was bedridden for a total of about 4 years through that and the surgery to bolt it back together,,which consequently made my body very ill,,leading to a further diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue..they go together! That was back in 99. Surgery was in 98, sacral ileac joint fusion.. and after laying on the couch for 1 year feeling like I was on fire when I contemplated taking my life,,something inside me found Cannabis. I say The Good Lord did through my son and my spouse at the time! My family was devastated and the church turned their backs on us... This all happened in 96. My entire family fell away from the church...Me, I have fallen away mostly because I don't feel well enough and I've had to learn how to make it on my own which has taken alot of energy to do. My 40 yr old son is with me right he needed my help to get on his feet..he's now a pro propagator for a private firm in the area and he brings home good stuff for me making it so I don't have to buy it. Everytime I try to go back to church I fail simply because how can I go and not get to be myself! I always have to hide and I hate hiding. I'm in need, such need of a family of believers but at a loss as to how to find that. You somehow came across my path today and I'm grateful for you!! Very grateful for another voice willing to stand up for those of us who aren't able to for a myriad or reasons. Thank you! Carole Seymour

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