on 04.23.2019

When I first heard of this Christian cannabis idea, my immediate thoughts didn’t go to cannabis necessarily, but they went to what the longterm implications of this conversation could be. And to be honest, that’s what excites me the most.

This Christian cannabis idea being about starting a conversation that I see potentially opening up certain facets, aspects, members of the church to the possibility that they don’t know everything that maybe the Christianity that they grew up in was excluding many, many ways that God, that Christ is seeking to interact with humanities, seeking to teach humanity.

Maybe, just maybe we all have things to learn from each other and what everyone outside of the big tent can learn from Christianity is that all of this is Christ. It’s not all Christian because Christian by its nature, by the word itself, is exclusionary, but it is all Christ. We are all in and of, and by and for and from Christ. 

And so, I initially had this sort of knee jerk reaction to labeling cannabis Christian, like– well, that’s kind of presumptuous. And then like, well, what next? Is every religion going to have its own strain of cannabis that seems to be promoting more separation rather than unity. But you know, I thought about it a little more and then I understood what you’re really trying to do which is put a big crack in the pavement of this old matrix to spark a conversation that I know once it gets going, we’ll create a platform to begin discussing more than just cannabis.

I’m not suggesting that the solution to the world’s problems is cannabis and mushrooms and psychedelics. I think that what’s going to happen actually is as we start to open up the portal to these plant medicines, we’re going to find out that we need to have a very serious conversation about what is responsible, what are responsible ways to work with these medicines and how we can create  structures, how we can create frameworks and boundaries around this so that these medicines are used in the appropriate way and don’t end up actually causing more harm than good because there is that potential.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?