Courtney Culver
on 05.18.2020

I love Cannabis and I am a Christian. Growing up going to Church on Sundays and praying with my siblings, I found it easy to get in touch with myself spiritually. While learning, our parents gave us a lot of freedom with our values and beliefs which is why it made it easy for me to venture a recreational experience with Cannabis. Cannabis is an elevated experience for the conscious mind in ways of exploring life and understanding life. I find Cannabis benefits me in many areas of my life whether it be recreational or medical. You don’t need a medical condition to consume, however you must ensure you are at peace with yourself and doing this as a treat or healing process and not as a getaway. If you look at Cannabis as a getaway, you won’t come to correct terms with you and God. God has equipped you with the right set of abilities and gifts already. Cannabis should rather help you understand what God has created in front of the mirror and within you and finding pure humbleness with that and so on. Let Cannabis find your spirit.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?