on 05.23.2019

I support what you’re doing - it’s good stuff, heard it on Bad Christian Podcast, we need to talk, tolerate and understand, no question, and the church is backwards - good stuff guys I mean it

Got to say one thing in defence of that antis though - I’m for legalisation, it’s not for me due to bad experience (you know the story etc etc). For those that have bad experiences, there is a loss of control, and a deep seated fear that we will be in that place again. Now, I’m for legalisation because I don’t believe we should be acting on fear and building those walls, but I’m scared of taking weed to the point that it hurts even knowing it exists. I want it gone, deeply - it really fucked me up, and Jesus saved me. I don’t know the solution at all for people like me, but we need to remember that we are somewhat victims of drugs and drug culture, and whilst we shouldn’t dominate the conversation, there needs to be a strong promotion for people to stay out of it where they can, and have communities to do this: this is where abstinence based churches were really good, even just from a social perspective rather than spiritual - alcohol badly damaged people in the UK in the 1700s, and Methodism started and thrived because it stood against it.

I guess I’m saying the fear isn’t good to guide the conversation, but you’ll have to hold our hands through this and keep telling us it’s alright, because it really hurts - I still have it now that when I get a new shirt, and there’s a button baggie in my pocket, I can go straight to panic - like I was never saved, that I’m still in hell. I don’t like that, and I need a way through that, and I need those with positive experiences not just to know that it happens, but fight to bring Christ to those people, and get them into help. Might be worth advertising NA or something just as a side note, or like a link to a quick message just for that support.

Anyway, I love you guys, and I think the information will actually stop more addiction anyway, it just sucks that people lose life to drugs

What Do You Think About Cannabis?