on 12.30.2019

I’m so tempted to show this website and ‘discussion’ (although it’s obvious to me you’ve already made up your mind which direction you’ll be taking) to my fellow recovering addict friends. It’ll sure spark a heated and lively discussion for sure. On second thought, maybe not. Maybe this would just be the excuse to themselves to rationalise flirting with drugs again. I don’t want to risk enabling them, after all the heart really is deceitful above all things.

I read your email and frankly I struggle to emphatize much. My apologies. It seems to me that you’re trying to reason with your conscience and convince it that black maybe is white and vice-versa, simply because of an experience you had with weed.

Yet have you also considered CAREFULLY from the other spectrum of the argument ? Have you consulted or discussed with people who have given their lives to serve (and save) countless numbers of addicts caught in the vicious cycle of drug addiction ? Do you not know that weed is often the gateway drug that leads many, if not most, addicts down the pit of hell ? Yet, here you are trying to advocate for it, and then slapping the Christian label as if it’s an act of redemption of all that’s sacred. Kinda like how many evangelicals think Trump is redeeming politics, justice and the nation, doing God’s will. If you’ve been following what CT wrote about Trump, then you’ll know what I mean. Just because we Christianise or associate something with God, doesn’t make it anymore pleasing to God, than how a car parked in a garage automatically makes it a Ferrari.

You must realize that you have a ministry that has a global audience, thanks to the great work you’ve put into XXXChurch. This means that your context must not be limited to the US crowd alone but also addressing your global subscribers. In many cultures, especially in Christian circles, weed is just a big no-no when it comes to drug rehabilitation and recovery. I can’t just go to the boys and tell them that weed is actually ok now in the Bible, especially when it has such a negative reputation worldwide. Kinda like how I go telling porn addicts that masturbation is ok and we should redeem it for the Kingdom. It just does not jive, no matter how cleverly we spin the truth. Of course there are some who may have come off porn because they were able to masturbate without fantasizing, so does that mean we should use this as a one-size-fits-all solution, under the pretext of authenticity and honesty ? Can we put cannabis into a similar argument ? I would argue that unlike masturbation, cannabis is a much more slippery slope because it is a bigger gateway to many more vices.

As Christians we’re called to be counter-culture, which means to be set apart from the world. How would this make us different ? Look, i get it. There’s no denying the medicinal benefits of cannabis but my english isn’t my first language and i struggle to explain fully my point but i’m sure you get the main gist of it. What would i tell those trying to come off drugs or trying to live a holy life ? That God said weed is ok ? Like how taking alcohol is also ok as long as its not excessive ? How do i reconcile it with the other truths when we’re warned to stay sober and vigilant for the enemy prowls like a lion ?

You did A LOT with xxxchurch and that was pioneering work because you guys were one of the few forerunners who went against the tide and stood face to face with one of the biggest demons of our generation i.e. PORN. But with this new venture, I would urge you to think twice and consult more experts, especially those already working in the addiction ministry. It would be a shame if this goes all pear-shaped and undo all the good work you’ve done in the past.

Remember, the people of Israel couldn’t wait for the counsel of God because Moses was late coming down from the mountain. So what did they do ? I’m sure we all know the rest of the story. Let’s be careful to listen to the RIGHT God. The real One.

I wish you the best and trust that you’ll make and take the right decision.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?