Darla Herrera
on 11.05.2020

I think it is a matter that should be individualized between a Christian and Christ. I do believe everything God has given to the earth or created has a purpose. I also believe that ignorance about something doesn’t exactly give you a proper perspective. I don’t believe marijuana use is a black or white matter because there are definite gray areas to consider. Just like anything else, if you abuse it (for instance wine) which God created, than you make it into an idol and that is where the line has to be drawn.

I have a long history of chronic depression even though I have been a Christian for many years. I don’t feel convicted to quit smoking, and if I ever did feel convicted, I would hope God would give me the strength to do what I need to do. Our bodies are filled with cannabinoids naturally. Cannabis helps with migraine pain and also gives me energy (Sativa) to do what I need to do throughout the day, including prayer and worship. On occasion (Indica) helps with restlessness, like restless leg syndrome.

Of course, it is better to believe God for your healing, but lets face it, healing doesn’t always come immediately. Sometimes, we have to contend for our healing. I never understood this more until I broke my ankle recently. I prayed and believed for my healing and give God all the glory! But I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I relied a lot on CBD and THC in the form of vaping (terpenes) and also in the form of salve that used as a massage ointment. I must admit the salve with the THC included with the CBD seemed to bring the inflammation down quicker than the CBD alone. Also, my sister, who has seizures found that the THC helped much better than the CBD alone. She hated “pot” previously to finding out how this changed her life.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?