David Sandford
on 10.29.2019

I see this as not a conversation but as a premise to justify your cannabis addiction. Stop using cannabis for a couple of years, seek to follow Jesus with all your being, in obedience to HIS word, then come back to this conversation. That’s the only way anyone can start to take you seriously on this topic. Your interview with Jason Daye lacked humility and in my experience you displayed views of someone who has entrenched cannabis use. You are advocating behaviour that is clearly against the word of God. Using cannabis is at least the same as being drunk. You are misguided if you think cannabis has improved your following Jesus. The Lord Jesus would say the same as he would to other sinners, go and sin no more. I’m sorry but the Christian life is not about feelings, not about getting high. It’s about offering your body as a living sacrifice in light of his immeasurable and irresistible grace. You have got too use to this lifestyle Craig.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?