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Is cannabis a sin?

One of the more common reservations we hear from our christian friends is the conviction and conditioning around altering one’s state of mind. Modern christianity has preached for generations that altered states of consciousness are sinful or evil.

While we have great respect for the teachings of the church, through experience of our own and many other friends that have also had profound spiritual experiences with the aid of cannabis, we stand firmly that the condition on the heart is king as far as discerning if cannabis consumption is “right” or “wrong.”

We believe that if your desire to consume cannabis stems from emotional wounding that you are trying to stuff or ignore; or if you consume to disconnect from yourself or the people around you; or if your consumption becomes problematic in one way or another, then the condition of your heart is not in alignment to healing, wellness and connection to God.

Only you know the condition of your heart and your relationship with God.

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