Craig Gross Has Just Launched a New Cannabis Category "Spiritual"

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What is being high?

The sensation or intensity of being high varies from person to person and depends greatly on the product and dose you consume. In general, being high feels a bit like a relaxed but euphoric presence. You may feel sensations in your body like tingles or shimmers, and you may find that things/people are funnier than usual. Your brain tends to take in more stimulus through the senses, so it’s possible that sounds are louder, colors are brighter, and food tastes better. You may find yourself in an expression of silliness, or playfulness or you may even fall into deep thought and reflection. Sometimes it can feel unpleasant if you accidentally over consume or are in an environment that you do not feel comfortable in. Click here for some simple tricks to reduce the intensity of your experience if and when you have had a little too much.

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