Gary Mallett
on 05.04.2019

My name is Gary Mallett and I've been pastoring churches for 30 years

My most recent position was it Praise Chapel Bullhead City Arizona as the administrative pastor. I was fired because of medical use of cannabis. I had made a choice do not use opiates, and since for whatever reason God had chosen not to heal me and give me the miracle is no pain after a major motorcycle accident, marijuana became my medication of choice. The members of the church did not have an issue with this, however the leadership team did. Even though every single person it's an on the board during my trial was on opiates with their doctor, they saw fit to find me over the use of cannabis,.

I am fine and serving God to the best of my ability still in Bullhead City Arizona. I did not desire to cause a split in the church and thus have not started a new church, even though my history is being a church planter, having planted over 6 churches in the past 30 years. I can be gotten ahold of at [email protected]

What Do You Think About Cannabis?