J. R.
on 04.20.2021

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. I would like to share my long journey with the healing plant cannabis. I tried the plant in my late teens(19) to find out that there was something very very unique about it. Of course like most Christians cannabis and in my case being born to Afro-Latin Jamaican parents ganja was SURELY THE DEVIL. The guilt weighed heavily on me. How can a Christian smoke that flower? At some point I felt the Lord did call me away from it because I would hear Pastors say it was witchcraft. That totally freaked me out so I stopped. After a few years I started to have serious anxiety issues in the bedroom if you know what I mean men. That is when I started to reconsider the healing plant because I knew from my past experience that it SURELY helped in that area. I didn’t want to dive back into something that I once felt the Lord call me away from so I started to do some investigation. You see at the time I stopped I didn’t have much knowledge of why cannabis was prohibited. With much research and prayer the Lord showed me it was mankind that is responsible for demonizing the plant( Harry Anslinger and Richard Nixon for example). I was filled with rage to find out that the U.S. has had a patent on the plant for many years. Furthermore big pharma has poured millions into keeping the plant illegal meanwhile receiving permission from the DEA to create synthetic forms of cannabis which are proven harmful to the human body. Also the two main cannabanoids THC and CBD and how they work together remind me of how caffeine( America’s number 1 drug of course) and L-Theanie work and operate together in Black Tea which I drink religously. I was and still am convinced the cannabis plant is NO DOUBT OF THE LORD AND MEDICINE FOR ALL!!!! My brother was killed back in Jamaica in 2019 and on the way back to the U.S. a women was praising the effects of her opioid medicine and how it is a muscle relaxer, sleep aid, she had sharp focus in the morning after medicating at night etc… I knew she was a Christian and I had her admit she was taking drugs. With no where to run she finally admitted she was using drugs. She definitely was anti cannabis for sure. The hypocritical mindset was exposed. Now I realized looking back that the Lord Christ wanted to solidify himself within my heart FIRST and foremost before I could continue enjoying his healing plant. There is no such thing as medicinal or recreational cannabis. Cannabis, weed( although it is not a weed it is a flowering plant) ganja or whatever you would like to call it is medicine for the individual who has had his or her brains blown out from war or an accident to the every day blue collar worker such as myself. Every anti argument against the plant has now been delt with and debunked. I now know it was all lies, fear tactics to control( ” health and safety”) and 100% greed by the ungodly. Why is someone looking into my waste( urine) for a NON PSYCHOACTIVE foot print left behind after the beautiful “warm and fuzzies” as I would like to call it are long gone. Simply put that is not right furthermore not logical. Please judge my work ethic not what medicine I used hours ago. For all of my brothers and sisters in the Lord there is no need to feel guilt, that was the plan of the evil one anyway. For the Christian men out there if you are looking for the king of vasodilation look no further the Lord has provided it through his healing plant cannabis. I have said much and I have much much more to say but I am afraid I have said more than some of you can handle. Oh by the way the women I spoke about earlier was none other than my Mother who is very much legalistic. I pray that the plant becomes free. God made all that can be consumed and enjoyed responsibly good. One more thing cannabis naturally is non toxic to the human body so please don’t tell me about Hemlock, Poison Oak and Ivy, of course those are not to be consumed nor even touched. Stop with the straw man arguments. Thank you.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?