on 07.24.2019

I could not get insured for a medicine needed in an orthodontic surgery, as a result I’ve been living with chronic pain for a number of years. Jaw pain caused by wisdom teeth can start to affect you under the surface. You get bitter, short sighted, in constant need to dull the pain or forget about it, but it’s an uphill battle. I tried marijuana in the form of flower in college and it gave me a negative experience because I could not handle the large amounts of THC in recreational marijuana. As soon as I tried some milder products or microdosed, the experience was like night and day. Suddenly, I could be happy, I could ignore the pain for hours on end and become productive again and less irritable and depressed. I recently got myself a medical marijuana card in NY and it’s been my daily medicine ever since. I can think clearly and my relationship with Christ has greatly improved because the cloudy thinking brought to me by the pain prevented me from being the best that I could be for Him. I support this endeavor to the fullest as a Christian.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?