on 10.21.2019

After getting married in 2005 I began having intense bladder pain. I was diagnosed within a few months with interstitial cystitis. I was given a narcotic for pain and HATED the way it made me feel (I praise God for this or my story could have been one of pill addiction). After some research I decided to try cannabis. It gave me my life back. At one point I was on 15 different medications-I stopped them all. I was able to get out of house and walk on days I would have been limited to the bed and bathroom. I’ve always dealt with anxiety induced stomach pain and the medicine was able to ease that as well. After getting pregnant with my son, my symptoms went away!

After I had my daughter in 2016, I plummeted emotionally. After being diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety, I tried various pharmaceuticals with adverse affects (nausea, grogginess). So, I went back to cannabis and have been using again regularly since. I recently got my “green card” so having legal access is a huge concern lifted. Thank goodness laws and minds are changing!! I’ve certainly struggled with my use, although at times it’s been an idol or escape more than my Jesus, it’s crucial to step back and see it as medicine (like food) as it allows me to function in ways I cannot without it. Anxiety is, for now, an everyday reality for me. Cannabis helps ease the nausea I feel daily, curbs the irritation I wake with, and helps me to be fully present with my children/family/friends, instead of being stuck in my head and having regular panic attacks.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?