Jimy Moll
on 10.21.2019

My name is Jimy. I love Jesus. Snohomish Washington was were we drew close in our relationship. Though I am sure He has been there all along. I am seeking discussion amongst brothers in Christ over the matters of cannabis use.
In 2014, at around 3 years sober, my knee began to ache at work one day. Eventually to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. After one year of treatment including a prescription for percocet. My knee was worse, I was heavier, and the pills weren’t working so good anymore.
I decided to try something else and got my medical prescription for marijuana in the fall of 2015. After settling in to taking it, on January 1of 2016 I was 269lbs at 5ft 7in
I started walking. In the morning,in th evening. I walked for 3 to 5 miles. Worshipping praying and praising God.
I read more, prayed more, and started to attend church more regularly. But always have felt secretive about it. Not wanting those at my church family to know.
Not for fear of judgment. But because I don’t want to be a stumbling block to those who are less capable of getting purpose out of using cannabis.
So I have carried around guilt/shame if you will. Brought on by myself.
Finally talk to my Pastor about something that God already knows. I smoke pot. I enjoy it. I usually ask a blessing over it as one would a meal. For specific reasons like pain relief or the return of joy.
And frequently ask if He needs me to stop send His Spirit to convict me. Because He knows no man ever will.
My name is Jimy and I love Jesus.
I smoke weed.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?