John Castle
on 07.24.2019

I practice psychiatry. As a result, I see the damage that cannabis does on a daily basis to children. This web site is based on emotion rather than science. Many products can make me feel peaceful including heroin which also is a plant product. However, everyday research shows us that cannabis makes actual changes in the anatomy and physiology of the brain, including epigenetically. A large number of psychotic illnesses are not treated by cannabis – they are caused by cannabis. One definition of a Christian is a truth seeker. I find no attempt at providing truth to your audience, a truth that could prevent much mental illness by fighting the spread of cannabis. We’re not talking only about your dad’s marijuana. We’re talking about today’s genetically engineered cannabis that is many times stronger in those chemicals that cause mental illness. I believe you’re doing your audience a disservice. Not only science, but a Biblical construct lobbies against your position. If you subscribe to the position that the Bible is G-d’s inspired and perfect Word, I recommend that you sit down with godly leaders and get some input a la Proverbs.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?