on 05.04.2019

Cannabis should only be legalized for medical and not recreational use. Some chemicals found in the marijuana plant, such as CBD, I believe are medically beneficial. The THC chemical also has some medically beneficial effects, however it can have toxic effects on our physical, mental and spiritual health and therefore should be tightly regulated.

We also have to realize that research on the effects that Marijuana has on our health is still in its infancy. For example recent research seems to indicate that marijuana use has a negative effect on the health of men’s sperm:

I believe Marijuana will most likely become legalized on a federal level some time in the near future. This will have many unintended consequences, especially for our youth and may help accelerate a burgeoning mental health crisis.

As a Christian I also object to the church promoting recreational marijuana use. Marijuana is an addictive drug and it can introduce our youth to the drug culture. That is morally indefensible and will serve to sow even more spiritual confusion into post Christian post truth culture with another cross free message with a buddy Jesus sticker slapped on it to give it legitimacy. This isn’t a Roman’s 12:1-2 Chrsitian, it is the kind syncretistic carnal Chrsitianity we read about in the epistles to the Corinthians.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?