Joshua Porch
on 09.09.2019

I’m a Christian who abused marijuana as a teenager but as someone with chronic back pain since I was 10 or 11, I found myself having to use lower potency marijuana or cbd Hemp bud for pain control when Kratom or opiates weren’t working 100% for my pain

I just learned the difference between reasonable doses that left me functional VS recreational use that was getting me blasted into serious screwed-up-ness!

I found that the Holy Spirit guides me in the correct amount to use and will gently but lovingly correct me if I accidentally take a little too much. Within those guidelines Cannabis and Kratom have been extremely beneficial to restoring my quality of life to almost perfect, physically speaking. I’ve since researched and experimented with many natural health remedies and am now starting to help other people with the gift that God has given me.

I hope to be able to partner with this organization one day to help teach people (especially Christians) the truth about responsible use of natural medicines and God’s super-intelligent design behind it all, knowing how each plant would be able to help sick men and women in a fallen world!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?