on 04.20.2020

Everyone, and I mean everyone (my wife included), condemns me as a stoner, pothead, etc., you know the drill, for my self-healing, and yes recreational too, use of the plant. When I do I feel more calm, down-to-earth, logical, reasonable, perceptive, and all around more of a whole human being. My connection to God is so much more introspective, and relatable as well.
Not just while using, but the next day, days as well. All day, every day is not something I do, or would recommend, as everything in moderation seems a wise policy for everything (aside from love of course).
I suffer from chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, other stuff too, and after a decade of nasty, disgusting pharmaceuticals with way more side effects than benefits, I finally stopped all of them and decided that God given MJ would be my sole medication. Again, not every day, only when the effects of my issues, or the world in general is bringing me down to an insufferable, and dark path.
I also enjoy working on songs, playing video games (I’m unapologetically 45 years old), writing fiction, reading the Bible, watching Christian movies and being outdoors, and spending time with my wife and two little girls.
When we get the stigma removed from this life saving, God-given plant, only then will we begin to understand what it can do for us and help us do.
When we wake up we get up.
God is great all the time, all the time God is great.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?