on 09.26.2019

After over a decade serving in trafficking ministry, 2 dear friends were murdered 2 months apart. I found myself withdrawing from friends and family to the point where I had longer periods of time that I simply couldn’t leave my house. Then came the days I simply could NOT manage to get out of bed. Fear overwhelmed me and my already compromised nervous system. Having spent tens of thousands of dollars trying every treatment imaginable, begging God to take the fear away and restore me, I decided it was time for He and I to talk “face to face”. Shortly before I had planned on taking my own life, a dear friend reached out to me about CBD oil and, only because I promised her, I decided to try this one last thing. That was nearly 2 years ago. From the 3rd day of regularly taking my CBD oil, I’ve not struggled with fear and the thoughts of taking my own life have disappeared. I am currently 2 months in to my “healing year” but looking forward to returning to ministry and bringing my experience with CBD with me to the people I serve. God has restored my health as well as my shattered finances using the cannabis industry and I am eternally grateful to Him for creating this seed bearing plant and leading me to it at exactly the right time. Now, I get to work with a team of incredible people, most of them Christians, (including a few pastors) every day dispelling the myths about this amazing oil.

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