kelly nunn
on 05.18.2020

Hey Craig, I don’t know if you would remember me

I contacted you about 5 years with regards to my father getting into the porn business. Thank you again for your guidance; thank God he never moved forward with it. My name is Kelly Scott Nunn Sr. I played with a number of tooth and nail and warner bro’s bands (Underoath, Further Seems Forever & Maylene and the Sons of Disaster) As a christian and musician, I’ve always been around cannabis. You know music and cannabis go hand in hand. I never consumed it until I got diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis and my physician recommended using cannabis when I lived in California. At 30 my world would change because of cannabis and it has helped in so many ways. After seeing the problems with opiates (my sister died from an accidental overdose from opiates), I never wanted to use that for pain management. Cannabis has been an amazing thing but as you know in the church it can be a problem for some. I’m now the worship pastor of the St Pete Vineyard and my pastor supports my use. He knew about my joint destruction from the arthritis and was very curious about my pain management levels and it’s been delightful that he has shown support not only for what’s going on but for people suffering. It has been an amazing thing and one I will always support. I love your cause in opening up a conversation about it and would love to support your work in anyway we can. Thanks again for bringing this to the world and whatever we can do to help count us in!
Kelly Scott Nunn Sr

What Do You Think About Cannabis?