on 05.04.2019

I appreciate the fresh approach to this subject. In the church, too often, we tend to gravitate toward social mores to guide our beliefs on such matters, rather than do the work to determine where and how God can be at work in our lives. (“taking captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”.)

For myself, I SMOKED WEED a few times when I was a teen. When I met Christ as a teen I eschewed all the things that were considered vices, cannabis being one of them. At that time in my life it was good for me to NOT engage in imbibing in cannabis because of its association with other bad influences in my life. There was simply no need for it for me then and years after.

I am 60 now and experience chronic Arthritis, night-time anxiety, and insomnia. NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Naproxin were ravaging my body and caused a serious high-blood pressure episode that almost landed me in the hospital. Combined with lack of sleep from chronic back and knee pain, I was unproductive at work, depressed and an all around miserable person to be with.

I now use a 1:1 CBD:TCH capsule in the evening. It’s just enough, most of the time, to squelch the pain and ensure quality restorative sleep. I also supplement with a vape pen for more instant relief. Like any medication, it can be abused. I think it really depends on motive and dosing. For me it has really been a blessing.

When I started using it, I must confess I didn’t much care what “church people” thought. I was getting much needed releif. My wife does not use cannabis, but is supportive of me using it. I think, like any other substance including alcohol, each person needs to examine whether or not it will impede their relationship with God and with others. If you have a problematic relationship with substances, then cannabis may not be right for you. I do know that if one of those substances is opiates or even NSAIDs, then cannabis is a much safer alternative.

Like other non-essential issues in the church we should be grateful that God’s grace has given us plenty of margin to learn.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?