on 07.24.2019

I started smoking pot when I was 15, peer pressure my older brother and best friend got me to puff the pipe

But admittedly no one forced me, my choice. I went from getting a scholarship for high school to National Honor Society member to ditching classes to not even graduating from high school. The only time I was happy was when I was high. If I wasn't high I was kind of depressed, on a low and I was driven to finding that 'next' high. I only smoked pot in high school. There was no way to do homework when your stoned. Also I noticed when I first started getting high I laughed my head off, but then I noticed everytime I smoked it I experienced extreme paranoia! I thought everyone was a cop, every car headlight configuration was undercover narc car. A life being paranoid, it was a drag. Once out of high school I started working, became a bit of a workaholic. I made money to do more drugs. I graduated to speed, coke, mushrooms and lsd. What pot taught me was "not feeling good, take something". It was a cycle of behavior. I ended up getting arrested for 2 eight-balls of coke and some crystal meth. I remember when I was arrested I said "God get me out of this!" I got put on probation for 5 years. Regular UA's (urinalysis). Then God started putting Christians in my path. Sobered up enough to actually listen. I thought I had really screwed up my life. I got invited to a show, a Christian illusionist, he was doing this ‘anti-drug’ act. He put this giant syringe thru some girl, pulling rabbits and birds out everywhere. Then he was done and he started talking to us. He started off talking about how sin entered the world through Adams sin when he ate that apple and then he worked his way up to Jesus. That because of our sin we are separated from God. That God was holy and just and must punish sin. But that Jesus died for my sins. Kind of like going to court, Jesus is the judge, your case is heard. Your found guilty. You were sentenced to death, but Jesus takes off his robe, comes out from behind the judges bench and and takes the punishment I so rightly deserved!!! Separation from God is over, our relationship with God is restored and we can have a new life forgiven. Then the guy asked the question. The million dollar question! If you died today, would you go to heaven??? Man the Holy Spirit hit me right between the eyes and told me if you die today your going straight to hell. All the drugs, the sex, all those things I did when I thought no one was looking, all the mean things I’ve done I’m going straight to hell! Then the guy says you don’t have to go to hell, you can go to heaven. And he says this prayer “Lord forgive of my sin, I know you died on the cross for my sins, you died and rose again on the third day, I give you the steering wheel of my life, I admit I’ve been driving badly up until now, your in control. Be my Savior be my Lord amen. All I can tell you is I had a spiritual experience, more intense than any high. You can call it born again, you can call it getting saved. I’ve been clean 29 years now, no pot, no coke, no drugs. God is good. I didn’t just get saved from hell my life was transformed. I’m not rich, but I have always had enough. God brought me a wonderful wife, two amazing kids, they all know the love of the Lord. God is my best friend I talk to him and he talks to me everyday. He is so perfectly good!!! This is the path pot took me!!

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