Lacey Green
on 12.28.2020

As a stay at home mom of 3 little girls and a survivor of many traumas and fighting a mysterious (to me currently) auto-immune disorder I have been medicating for the past 4 months as led by the Lord. Shortly after the birth of our 3rd baby my husband and I decided to take a small amount of cannabis in a gummy and hang out together. It was a tiny amount and I didn’t feel “high” but I was given this insight into my thinking that I wasn’t aware wasn’t normal and we have since concluded and are seeking further understanding for a possible PTSD diagnosis. I have a ton of anxiety and pain in m body. I find that medicating throughout the day is not only allowing me to see myself as separate from my trauma but is actually giving me the ability to take care of my family. I’ve spent a lot of time in the bedroom resting over the years; especially postpartum) and I have more vigor and hope and joy because of this miracle plant. It has deepened my relationship with the Lord as well. Even though i have the support of my husband And I know the Lord has put me on this path it is still a struggle at times to not feel condemned because of the view our culture has on it. Overall cannabis is most certainly been giving me just the right amount of hope and I’m beyond grateful for all it is adding to my life and my healing journey.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?