on 12.28.2020

I’m really challenged by all of this and not sure what to make of it. I have used cannabis as a Christian for many years, though I have been abstaining from it for 6+ months. I have also used psychedelics as a Christian, and I’m still not sure what I think of my time experimenting with either. I think my fear is that I am meant to deal with life without additional substances and that my draw to them is motivated by wanting to numb out of my life or enhance it to make it feel better that it really is. I also have concerns for myself about the logic of being okay with cannabis, in that I think it could become a slippery slope for me with other substances. I personally don’t know if the social stigma in Christian community feels worth the benefits of using cannabis. I really like it and enjoy its effects but have not used it for the desire to not be demonized by my faith community. I drink alcohol sometimes though and that has less stigma though I do believe it to be objectively more harmful than cannabis. I think I’m just processing here. Thanks for reading. Still haven’t made a decision about whether cannabis is beneficial for me in life or if it will cause more problems socially than it is worth.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?