Linda M Carleton
on 07.24.2019

I can tell you horror stories of physical and mental abuse at the hands of an addicted husband. Like the time he nearly killed me with a rock because we ran out of money for drugs. It was the day our son had open-heart surgery.

I could blame his addiction for running in fear and losing custody of two children. However, it wasn’t the cannabis or his addiction to drugs.

I learned the truth twenty-two years later when we exchanged forgiveness on a dating website. – Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

The conversation was;

Is that u Linda?

Why must you ask when you know it’s your wife? I have forgiven you in my heart that is all I have to say.

Just wanted to say I am VERY sorry for all I had done. I am not that person anymore, not by far. Only some punk ass kid would do the shit I did. I was devastated by Anthony’s illness, made me very angry. Had a lot of issues, period, but, my life has changed. I’m not trying to be a friend, to get back or none of that. Just wanted to say sorry and hope life sheds a ton of happiness upon you and yours.

My response;

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 KJV

I learned you must guard your mind and heart in Christ Jesus. If you can do that with cannabis, go for it. But, if the adversary can gain a foothold in your mind (remember the Garden of Eden), then perhaps you should avoid it.

Knowing the enemy is half the battle.

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