on 07.24.2019

I was in a debilitating accident. After 4 surgeries including a complete abdominal wall reconstruction and various pain meds, my sleep cycle and digestive system were completely out of whack. I was gaining weight because I couldn’t cook or exercise so I’d gorge myself when I was out of pain enough to run and grab a bite. I have residual spine damage too. Oh and the accident was with an 18 wheeler while riding a motorcycle.

After yet another side effect and an EKG and the doctor immediately prescribing yet another drug to offset it, I said enough. It was not even a thought to go to coated or reduce the medication, they just kept piling on. I weaned off all pain meds, researched foods and supplements and began my journey. A friend recommended I look into marijuana and within one year I lost 30 pounds because I could sleep, I could get up and cook a meal and I was walking and active again. I still have pain sometimes but I spend most days volunteering in my community, loving my family, traveling and more. I can’t deny my quality of life drastically improved. I use other things like lavender and epsom salt and the occasional cryotherapy to manage pain but I’ll never forget that first nights sleep. My personal favorite is high CBD 10 min with about 5-7% THC. It seems to essentially eliminate the anxiety associated with the stigma when in truth all I wanted was to serve my Abba, father from some place besides my bed or confined to my home.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?