on 07.24.2019

I started smoking pot in High School and continued for the next ten years. I was a stoner. I would smoke morning, noon and night. I was addicted. I tried many times to stop smoking but could never break away for it. I came to the conclusion that this is how God designed me. I loved to smoke, loved everything about it. I could see myself doing it through every stage of my life.

It cost me a great job and it almost cost me my marriage. It wasn’t until I had an encounter with Jesus Christ that I begin to see that this is not how he created me and was not his desire for my life.

He delivered me from my addiction and set me free. He completely removed it from me and he called me and my wife into ministry and we have been serving in one way another ever since and that has been 26 years ago.

What I learned is that just because you love something it doesn’t make it right and doesn’t mean that is what God has created you to be.

I do agree that it is good for treating some medical conditions, and with CBD many people I know are free of chronic pain. If it’s used properly and truly to treat a medical condition then I think it’s wonderful. But, it can also be misused, leading to addiction, loss of quality of life – loss of your true identity – loss of motivation and purpose – loss of true ability to follow God.

It’s kinda like sex – as long as it’s done in the proper boundarys of marriage it’s beautiful and life giving, but outside the bounds it’s destructive and can cost you everything.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?