on 08.30.2019

I disagree, totally. I see numerous cannabis users and I don’t like what I see. Some are now addicted. I have seen many. For my own brother this was a step in to get into heroin. What the solution for many of these descriptions are, is healing and deliverance from God. We all struggle with things and sometimes pain. But God is the Healer and the Deliverer ! The story of what God tells about plants on the third day is not a confirmation or approval to use all plants. It is humans that admits and permits by thinking it is a solution. There are also poisonous plants, we don’t touch them ! They are poisonous for a reason. Although there are a few that are used for medication, but are not additive. Also the story that cannabis is not addictive is clearly not true. If you have constant pain or other issues and you need cannabis to relieve you, you have become an addict for sure. It has become a vice for you. And vices are not good. With a vice, weaknesses come and if you give in, temptation is not stopping you for other things.

The solution is in the Holy Spirit and or carrying your problems with grace. We suffer and it is a normal thing. I have suffered too, from all kinds of things. I try to avoid medication like the plague. I do have vitamins and minerals. I also know what pain is, severe pain. But the solution did not come from a tablet or anything, but from healing and deliverance. Church has forgotten to deliver and heal people. Which is very concerning thing. We trust now upon our senses rather than our faith in Christ. And if you have not found it in that. Then keep searching until find it. You will. There is a reason why you are in a certain condition, circumstance, problem. You shall have to find your way to God about it. Some is easy, some takes years. Which always is. Never give up on healing from God, never give up on deliverance either. Find your way, find a pastor that does these things. The way out is in the Power of the Holy Spirit. It is far superior than any plant, medication, psychological issue. You say, I have tried and tried and tried. Yes, but you have not tried until you get a reply. And the reply comes with you persist. There is a purpose in that. So I am disappointed in this website promoting things that actually should be about the Holy Spirit. I have lost my brother because of him not been able to see the threshold where to stop. Now I clean all the tombstones of my family that have gone before me. Don’t let it come your job as well.

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