on 06.09.2019

In my lifetime so far, I have struggled with mental illnesses since I was a teenager. When I got saved I went 3 years cold turkey from all drugs and alcohol back in 2016. I lied to myself everyday believing that I was healed from all mental illnesses and that everything was ok. But towards the end of this 3 year journey, a series of events caused me to look back and observe if I was really healed by looking at my behavior. After doing extensive research and comparing my behavior with other people’s behavior who have certain illnesses that I suspect I have, I realized that I suffer from chronic depression, multiple anxiety disorders, insomnia, and PTSD. I have already received a couple of those diagnosis from doctors already. I also have IBS-C and have been hospitalized multiple times because of it. I started consuming cannabis again and every symptom was treated. Now getting medical marijuana card soon. The tension that I am experiencing is from the Church. Not because the church is naturally mean or judgemental, but because the Church is afraid and unwilling to have a conversation. It scares them in many ways because this was not used medically before. To them it was used by bums and perverts. This is exactly why the Church needs to be afraid of no one but our Lord Jesus. Fear God don’t fear the unknown. Don’t look down on someone who consumes cannabis unless you have a conversation with them. Not just a conversation either. But a conversation that starts with an open mind. Alcohol used to be illegal. Now Christians all over the world consume alcohol. I thank God because this information about medical marijuana not being a sin, or consuming in a state where it is not illegal, this information was given to me as a born-again christian. It was God. He wants authenticity, not perfection.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?