Michael S.
on 07.24.2019

I started experiencing migraines when I was 18. My doctor discovered I have 2 sets of vertebrae in my neck that are fusing together due to missing cartilage (birth defect). I was told I would suffer from headaches my entire life (which I have) and that they would only get worse as I get older (which has been the case). I’m now 46. Conventional over the counter medications like Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin, etc do nothing for me and I refuse to go on prescription meds. (I know too many people that have ended up addicted.) Surgery is a 50/50 risk, so that’s not worth the risk. About a year ago, I started essential oils, which has helped, but only slightly. A CBD store opened in our local mall a couple months ago, so I got an external salve for my neck and pain mints. So far, these 2 products have helped me more than anything else. I still deal with headaches every day, but they are not as bad. I have been a Christ follower since I was 4 and grew up in a very traditional Christian home, so until recently this has always been an “absolutely not” decision for me. But as I have progressed in my relationship with God and done research on this topic, I don’t think there is anything wrong with using a plant that God created to help your body deal with pain, especially if there are no psychoactive side effects. I appreciate what this organization is doing an support it 100%.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?