on 05.02.2019

After a decade of confusion and spiritual darkness Cannabis re-opened my eyes and and my heart to God’s goodness. I was 13 when the man firing the gun said, “Mike, the next one is in your motherf***ing head.” That’s a lot for 13 year old. I abandoned myself to the Christian church after that incident. The God part was good but the spiritual indoctrination drove me out of my mind. I was so entangled in guilt, shame, and apocalyptic obsessions that I could no longer feel/find God… only this extreme end-times narrative that turned me into a desperately fearful human being.

Years later, after intensely skewed Christian indoctrination/abuse I was diagnosed with PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc.. it seemed my life was moment by moment consumed with psychological/emotional torment and confusion… until cannabis. Cannabis put a space between me and the thought patterns – cannabis momentarily freed me from the self-torture from my own thoughts. It felt like a miracle to me. Now, through regular intentional use I am finding continued gradual healing (psychologically, emotionally, spiritually). I still have a long way to go but this plant has given me so much of my life back and allowed many past traumas to heal. It is good medicine.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?