Craig Gross Has Just Launched a New Cannabis Category "Spiritual"

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Christian Cannabis Podcast

This podcast exists to inform and educate our audience on the subject of Christianity and Cannabis. The show will feature Founder Craig Gross + various advocates in the Cannabis Community addressing various topics in this unique space.

A new episode is rolled out every Friday. Subscribe, leave a review, and take part in the conversation!

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email: [email protected]

Craig Brain

Founder Craig Gross is also the host of a podcast titled Craig Brain. I’m releasing audio/visual versions of the content each week, accompanied by a long-form “chapter” that will make its way into a book at the end of the year. CHECK OUT THE PODCAST

It is fun to write a book when you want to more than you have to. At the same time, it’s intimidating when you’re scared to share some of the content therein…Christian Cannabis included.

In Episode No. 03, I talked about finding God in a spa. In Episode No. 07, I add that I used cannabis as a tool to slow my mind down just enough for that to have been possible at all.

These entries are reflections.

These writings were not forced.

This book was never pitched.

This book never had a contract, a deadline, or an advance.

My journals contain memories that I don’t want to forget. I decided to spend 2019 looking back at the last couple of years, and paying forward the lessons that I have learned. It is my hope and prayer that they might encourage or impact you the way that they have, me.

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